Cyclamen Persicum 10.5cm

Cyclamen Persicum

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Height: 10cm 

Flowers: Autumn through to Spring

Hardy plants that thrive in borders and containers and in full or dappled shade.

We are always looking for ways to grow bright, beaming colours during the winter. Cyclamens are great for adding a splash of eye-catching colour to your beds and borders during autumn and winter, and when spring rolls around they will still be blooming as your garden comes back to life. Hardy and tough, they will thrive in semi shady conditions, so they are brilliant autumn/winter plants.


Growing Information

Plant SizeHardiness & LongevityIdeal ForPosition In
Height up to 10cm (3.9in)Hardy TuberGround CoverDappled Shade
Alpine & Rockery
Woodland Garden

Common Problems

  • Leaves turning yellow: As mentioned above leaves will turn yellow after the flowering season and the crown section will also deteriorate. If the centre of the plant (crown) looks fine then your plant may be too warm, have too much direct sunlight, air humidity could be too dry, or it could be under-watered.
  • Short flower life span: This could be due to dry and warm heat or other reasons, such as not enough water or the plant was bought and bloomed well before you purchased it.
  • Leaves soft and drooping and plant soft in centre: Your plants in trouble if the crown section in the centre is soft, which is caused by over-watering. There is not much you can do to help apart from re-pot and hope for the best.