What do we do? 

We grow and sell millions of garden plants. Direct to the public at half the normal garden centre price! We now also sell millions of garden products and sundries – again at half the normal price!

UK Home Grown Plants – Direct to the public at half the garden centre price!

The reason we are competitive on price is that we have been growing plants for 60 years at our nurseries in Devon and Somerset, first as a market garden business, then as a wholesale plant nursery business and now as a giant regional garden plant grower / retailer with massive plant centres at Plymouth, Newton Abbot and Exeter. Being able to grow millions of plants from seed and cutting gives us far more flexibility on margin and price and makes us the business we are. You buy beautiful home grown plants direct from the grower and save money. That is our promise!!

The Best Plants In Europe – Buy Direct at Half the Normal Price

For plants not grown in the UK we have taken our buying direct policy even further and found the best plant growers in Europe and then brought their plants direct to our centres to be sold at much cheaper prices than garden centres or DIY stores can ever afford to. We buy in massive volume and we work closely and directly with the grower to keep prices lower. For some reason the UK horticultural industry is packed full of middle men and wholesalers – we simply go straight from the European nursery to our shop floors – you save money and we have the same quality plants but so much cheaper.

The Best Garden Products Direct from
Far East

Once again we took the buying direct idea but this time to China and brought Horticultural Sundries and Pots. So we are now importing £1.5 million of garden sundries and products from China, India and Vietnam straight to our warehouses and selling these fantastic quality products at half the normal garden centre price. No middlemen wholesalers – just straight from the far east factories to the shop floor. You save money and we just keep growing our business year after year.

The Best Christmas Tree Farms in the South West

Finally, to complete our 12 month offer we have focussed on selling Christmas Trees and all other Christmas products – again at rock bottom prices. We open five Christmas Tree Farms across Devon and Somerset and sell 30,000 Christmas trees. Each store is packed with great seasonal products and our staff concentrate on having fun and enjoying the Christmas season with families and kids having a great time.

Please browse this website and find full information on our three massive garden plant supermarket stores and our five Christmas Tree Farms. Buy with confidence – we are the biggest and the best at what we do in the South West Region.