About us

Plants Galore Garden Plant Supermarkets are the South West’s largest grower and retailer of garden plants. We are open to the public and trade with four massive discount stores focused on garden plants and horticultural sundries and equipment. We grow and source £8 million of garden plants every year from our own nurseries or in close cooperation with nurseries across the UK and Europe.

That’s why Plants Galore can offer you the biggest range of garden plants and the very best quality – all at half the normal garden centre price!

Plus if you’re not buying from Plants Galore then you are missing out on the experience of visiting one of our superb garden plant supermarkets packed with unusual and beautiful flowering garden plants. Most of our customers just love walking around and seeing the plants. Our stores are always being updated with brand new garden plant displays or special offers and we use social media to alert the public to the latest beautiful plants to arrive in our stores.

The secret of our success is based on our decision in 2004 to stop supplying DIY multiples and UK garden centres with our home grown garden plants but instead take the decision to open up our own nurseries located in Devon direct to the public and our idea to sell plants at half the price of a normal garden centre.

Since we took this decision in 2004, we have never looked back. The combination of our expertise at growing plants on our nurseries and our ability to run huge retail stores successfully has meant we have expanded our business to employing over 100 staff today and becoming the region’s leading supply of beautiful garden plants to homes across the entire South West.

Plants Galore is not a garden centre – we sell plants – millions of them – every year. We now also sell £4 million of garden sundries, tools, and equipment. We sell £1 million of garden compost and growing media. We sell £1 million of garden pots. We are able to do this because we miss out all the UK wholesalers and buy direct from factories and manufacturers around the world at the best prices. We work harder than the normal lazy or ineffective retailers to achieve the best price. Why not visit us and judge for yourself. Most new customers arrive, take a look around and then realise that everything is cheaper than their local garden and decide to fill their car. Afterwards they tell all their friends about us – that’s why we have become so successful – word of mouth advertising!

Finally Plants Galore are the biggest retailers of real Nordman Christmas Trees in the Southwest – selling over 25,000 Xmas trees every year. This year we will also be selling £1 million of Christmas Lights and Decorations alongside our fantastic forest of Christmas Trees. Our Christmas Lighting and Decoration Discount Warehouses will be open from early October – obviously extremely well priced – with our Forest of Christmas trees displayed at all stores from mid-November onwards.

In the next 12 months our prices will become even cheaper as new products and ideas come into our stores. In the future we will continue to expand.

Our stores are conveniently located on the border of Cornwall at Plymouth, across Devon with stores at Newton Abbot and Exeter, then into the heart of Somerset at Yeovil. From Truro, Barnstable, Bristol, or Bournemouth you are less than 1 hour from one of our huge stores where you can fill your car and make massive garden savings. We are the South West’s leading garden company for garden plants and horticultural products. Don’t waste your money at a garden centre – come to the biggest and best garden plant retailer in the South West.