Anemone Bulbs

Anemone Bulbs

Spring Bulbs – Summer and Autumn Flowering

See our full list of varieties in the description below.

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Anemone Coronaria De Caen Mixed
Anemone Coronaria St.Brigid Admiral- Pink
Anemone Coronaria St.Brigid Governor – Red
Anemone Coronaria St.Brigid Lord Lieutenant- Blue
Anemone Coronaria St.Brigid Mixed
Anemone De Caen Bicolor
Anemone De Caen Hollandia Red
Anemone De Caen Mr Fokker Blue
Anemone De Caen Sylphide Pink
Anemone De Caen The Bride White
Anemone Japonica Pink
Anemone Japonica White